Rosie and the Sparkly Web (Book 2 ) SHOP HERE Are you ready to join Rosie on her next adventure?

My latest book in the series is “Rosie and the Sparkly  Web”, now available as an ebook at the link above.  You can purchase the paper book version here:  Join Rosie as she discovers a magical web that holds the secrets of nature and learn with her the importance of taking care of our planet. Together, you’ll learn how every small action can make a big difference. And stay tuned for more exciting Rosie adventures to come, as we continue to explore important issues and themes through our vibrant illustrations and engaging stories.

But that’s not all!

Stay tuned for future books that will aim to cover various new topics such as animal conservation, animal welfare, and life lessons for kids.


Rosie and the Sparkly Web (Book 2 )

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Rosie and the Sparkly Web (Book 2 )

Coming soon December 15th 2023